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Wing Chun Seminar 7 Workshop | April 2nd, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM









Pre-Engagement, Engagement or Negotiation, Post-Engagement

(Including Drills and Exercises)

Bridging: Recognition and Superiority

(Including Drills and Exercises)

Chi Sao & Chi Guk, and it’s Evolution

(Including Drills and Exercises)

$100 Package Per Person

  • 5 Hours of Instruction
  • Attendance for the Entire Seminar

$60 Package Per Person

  • 2.5 Hours Long
  • Attendance to Half the Seminar

$75 Package Per Person

  • Private Lessons on the Friday Before the Seminar
  • Price is for 1 Hour

$40 Package Per Person

  • Private Lessons on the Friday Before the Seminar
  • Price is for 30 Minutes


Students may share private lessons. Students should be at equal levels or want to learn the same thing during private lessons in order to share.

About Texas Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a concept-based martial art that is generally close range but is effective at all ranges, including grappling and kicking ranges. It does not rely on physical size or strength, rather Wing Chun prefers to use timing, positioning and combat concepts based on human anatomy. and physiology.

Our school teaches pragmatic COMBAT focused Wing Chun. Our classes are taught by Dr. Mullen, who is a semi retired Chiropractor and the son of an FBI agent.

Sifu Mullen

Sifu Mullen demands his fighters THINK about what they do and WHY they do it. He prefers his fighters to Fight smarter, not harder. Sifu Mullen has been in many actual fights from working security in a welfare hotel and a large live rock bar. These experiences help him teach with real world practicality in mind.

Presently, Sifu Mullen is accepting students with or without martial arts experience. Students must be at least 12 years old due to the intellectual requirements of the art.

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