Classes and Schedule

Texas Wing Chun Classes and Schedule

We offer a variety of classes for different purposes.

Beginner Class Times are:

7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM (Dr. Mullen is off on Fridays. Teaching assistants run this class.)
12:00 PM
Private sessions by appointment only

Mid Level and Advanced Classes:

6:00 PM
6:00 PM

Private lessons and group private lessons are also available.

Class times are technically 1 to 1.5 hours, but are often longer; you may leave at anytime. Class length depends on numbers of students, learning level of students, enthusiasm etc. etc.

Skill builder classes are once or twice a month concentration on various subjects. For Example, Gun, knife, bat, multiple opponents, root, drills etc, On a Tuesday or Thursday night at 7 p.m. or Sunday afternoon [Varies by private schedule]. See Texas Wing Chun Facebook page for classes offered and times.

Types of Specialty Classes Available

Texas Wing Chun Offers a Variety of Specialty Classes on a Regular Basis

Active Duty Military

Shortened version of Wing Chun for active military.

Active Shooter Defense

In Wing Chun we prefer an OVERWHELMING offense to a weak defense. Most counsel to run in the active shooter situation, which is not bad advice because most people are bad shots, I know this from personal experience.

Unfortunately this is not always possible, practical, or sensible.

Our school teaches tactics to greatly improve your probability of survival and if survival is not possible then we teach you how to take them with you. Politically correct, not even a little. If you choose to be a victim and die on your knees you and I have little to speak about. But if you are willing and choose to fight for your chance to go home to your family then visits our school ASAP.

Especially useful for teacher in areas that don’t allow firearms.


Shortened version of Wing Chun for professional bodyguards [PPO]

CHL Gun Retention

Gun retention – keeping hold of a firearm in close quarters combat. If you have a concealed carry this course is for you.

CHL Gun Retention Class:

They taught you how to shoot but not how to keep your gun and shoot in close quarters combat situations. This class teaches Wing Chun based survival skills for CHL holders. It’s quick, dirty and deadly just what you need in a life or death struggle. Do not leave the house with your sidearm without some training on how to keep hold of it.

We utilize high end air soft to practice as well as plastic replicas.

Firearms 101 and Safety

Basic firearms care and maintenance and use. Plus gun safety;

Gun Safety:

Teach Your Child Three Simple Rules To

Live By:
1. If you see a gun, never touch it.

2. Leave immediately.

3. Tell an adult.
Whether you own a gun or not, please be certain your children know these rules.

Jeff Cooper’s

No mechanical device has a will of its own. A gun never “goes off” unless something causes it to do so. The aspect of safety is central to gun handling.

Memorize the four principles of firearm safety. Treat them with absolute seriousness. Burn them into your consciousness.

RULE 1: All guns are always loaded.
RULE 2: Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
RULE 3: Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
RULE 4: Be sure of your target. (Know what it is, what it is in line with it,
and what is behind it. Never shoot at anything you have not positively identified.)

Firearms are as safe or dangerous as YOU make them. Put safety first every time you pick up a gun to prevent accidents. Make sure each family member knows how, when and WHEN NOT to handle a gun. If you’ve recently purchased a new firearm, read the manufacturer instructions and safety precautions included.

Kids Classes

Kids classes for kids 7-12. Basic Wing Chun, three dimensional strength and endurance, anti abduction.

How to deal with bullies in school. WARNING this is not a politically correct class we teach kids to punch the bully repeatedly until the bullying stops. Please check with a lawyer for you legal ramifications if your child defends themselves in school.

Nanny Guard

Training for professional high end nannies in close quarters combat, firearms and gun retention.


Classes on animal [dogs] non lethal skills to help active police deal with aggressive animals without killing them.

Gun retention and empty hand skills for police / corrections officers with modified non lethal techniques.

Post Apocalypse Conditioning

Post apocalypse conditioning: – Physical conditioning program. The emphasis will be 3 dimensional strength, endurance and range of motion to support hand to hand and armed combat efficiency and general good health. Dr. Mullen was a personal trainer before becoming a doctor.

Preppers and Prep Groups

Dr. Mullen is available to teach prepper and survival groups, empty hand and weapon skills and defense.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available on a LIMITED basis.

Group private lessons are also available usually 2- 4 people.

Skill Builder Classes

Skill builder classes are once or twice a month on a Tuesday 7 p.m., Thursday 7 p.m. or Sunday afternoon [depends on private student’s schedule]. These classes are concentration on subjects Sifu Mullen feels the students need a few hours of specific extra work on. For examples are: Gun counter, Knife counters, stick counters, counter grappling, root work , sand bag hitting, dummy, Emergency first aid , anatomy for fighting, punching, kicking and defense of kicking, situational awareness with avoidance and deescalation etc.

Skill builder class is a BI-monthly class usually on a Tuesday or Sunday. The class is about intensive practice on one or two subjects. Some examples below:

Fight from Seated position.

Fight from inside car

Fight from trunk of car

Fight on stairs / high low

Fight high / low ground

Fighting from a bed / against KNIFE / against GUN

Fight different surfaces Ice Mud etc.

Fight dogs

Picked up off ground

Kicked in head with you face down [punt]

Stomped by one or many

Fight with tie on

With shoes off or one on one off

In dress shoes / heels

Multiple attackers

Basic knife defense Basic knife attack

Basic Stick defense Basic stick attack

Attacks with pens / kubaton


Unusual weapons [ ax – chain saw – meat hook etc.]

Anatomy / physiology:

Arteries / veins


Neck weakness planes

How to stretch correctly and which muscles S.T.

Basic First aid

Women’s Self Defense

Violence against women is increasing at an alarming rate. Texas Wing Chun offers a Wing Chun Based women’s self defense class. The classes teach situational awareness as well as a shortened version of Wing Chun’s famous close quarters combat. The emphasis is on dealing with a larger stronger opponent and the element of surprise. Vicious and effective, we hope you never need it.

Offered a few times a year or as needed basis.

$ 150 per person lifetime repeat classes included.

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